Weekend gathering begins
Sat. April 11th & Sunday April 12th, 2015 / start time - 10:30 A.M

Contact - Tom or Terry Rzepecki
@ (989) 879-5977

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


We in Michigan shall be celebrating 
the Feast of Passover on the second 
weekend of April 
(Sat. 11th & Sunday 12th), 2015.  
This is YAHWEH’S Feast.  
Only the pure of His White race 
are allowed or may attend 
(Jews are not White).  
On both Saturday & Sunday 
the Feast starts at 10:30 A.M..

There will be:

1.The blowing of the trumpet to YAHWEH.
2.The Soldier’s Ransom.
3.Communion to YAHWEH in our presence.
4.Teachers presenting racial knowledge.
5.Fellowship at YAHWEH’S family reunion Feast.

If you cannot attend it would be greatly 
appreciated if you would be so kind to 
send a ‘tithe/offering’ so we can prove 
to YAHWEH our racial Father that we are 
in total accord with our King of kings.  
Those who do  we mention only by first 
names and the States where they reside 
to everyone present.  

Thank you.
Send your tithes/
offerings to the address below.
Pastor/Dr. James P. Wickstrom – 
P.O. Box 308; Linwood, Michigan: U.S.A.  

You may also use  Paypal on ARCODEAUS.COM 
to send offerings.  

I would appreciate an e-mail or letter 
informing me that you will be attending 
so we may plan accordingly as all food 
will be furnished and in accord with 
His food Laws.  

Thank you.